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hii hii i'm logan....(i'm a hi person). i am now headed off to college (AH!!) and at this point in my life and beyond tomorrow, i have no clue what i want to with my life, well somewhat but i don't want to spoil it on here. i'm going to let it roll as it pleases. i love photography, dance, art...all art...and writing. grammar is not my friend but i love words regardless. i love people and combine my love of all art brings me here....i believe in the power of love and all of its amazing things that it can do, one thing im most afraid of, yet want so badly...enjoy:) day at a time, one step at a time, one day it won't feel this bad and I will breathe with no pain inside of me. it may not be easy it may not end well, but i am not giving up anytime soon. today i am happy to be alive, and for the first time in years i can say that with no regrets... one day i know, ill finally be free, one day ill be me, and one day the world will know me just as me all of mee just wait and see, you'll see how this broken soul became me...

for all you potterheads..i know you are out there:)...i am sporting the blue and gold, the home of the creative and quirky, and very proud:) add me HallowSickle20

ps i'm no where near perfect...i may seem completely happy but i am not..i've done stuff that i am not proud of and i have the scars to prove it...but i'm getting better, and realizing that i am not alone...and i want to share that feeling with y'all (yess i did just say y'all)...<3 stay strong


...if you ever need a friend...please don't be shy to message me...i love making friends, of all kind, and you can't ever have too many...your scars will become beautiful (i think so, dont ever believe otherwise) aren't alone...

.....there used to be numbers here, don't worry i'm ok, but i don't need them anymore to get through the day, i know now that they don't define me, i struggle but i am not me without my struggles and today they are just fine.....

***if my life was a disney would be alice in wonderland;)***

Emily Fields + plaid shirts

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